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Product Condition The ZEE RD-M640 Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur is in Excellent condition The Derailleur is in excellent condition The derailleur was previously owned for approximately five weeks The following observation has been made about this item The derailleur is clean The pulleys appear to have seen little use Item sold as is All warranties voidSize Unisex FRColor One ColorRetail Cost 7399Chain slap is something we all have to live with but Shimanos ZEE RD-M640 Shadow Plus makes it a whole lot less cringe-inducing by including its now-famous clutch technology By increasing spring tension when its engaged the clutch reduces slap and the risk of dropping a chain making it a killer choice for riders who spend decent chunks of their time pounding through rock gardens and over rugged trails When the clutch is off the reduced tension makes it easy to pop the derailleur out of the way for wheel removal Its made of aluminum and steel so its durable enough to be knocked around with no ill effects and comes in both a DH and Freeride model so you can dial it in for the type of riding you do most often ZEE RD-M640 Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur DWGAOGA

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