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Yonex EZONE 98 Tour 315g Sky BLue Tennis Racquets : Upgrade your swing with the Yonex E-Zone 98 Tour! Designed with a larger sweet spot, this tennis racquet helps advanced players dominate with power and comfort. The improved shaft design reduces unwanted vibrations for more power and stability. Super Cushion Grip helps minimize vibrations to protect against shock-induced injuries to keep you in the game. The Oval Pressed Shaft (OPS) increases spin and control to give you an edge on the court. Racquet Technology Isometric design increases the sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings, delivering greater control without sacrificing power. Liner Tech: Straight hole grommets elongate the strings to optimize power and comfort on off-center shots. Oval Pressed Shaft (O.P.S): Flexes at impact, increasing dwell time and minimizing vibrations to give players more spin, control and feel. VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh): Stretchy mesh material wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations. Adds touch and precision. 2G-Namd Speed: Graphite construction enhances ball speed without sacrificing comfort. Aero Shape: Tapered frame design with a thinner face creates a softer racquet for a plush feel. Shaft Design: Thicker shaft structure with a convex design reduces unwanted racquet torque on off-center shots for added power.

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