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We don't dream of climbing long and tedious fire roads, and while we can't speak for everyone, we're pretty sure you don't either. Instead, we dream of the flowy or tech-filled descents, bouldery rock gardens, and tight root-laden treelines. That being said, unless you're shuttling every lap, or hitting up a resort for lift-access, you won't be so blessed to receive that downhill reward without earning it first. For this, you need a bike that is lightweight and nimble on the climbs, but dominates descents. Meet the Yeti Cycles 2018 SB5 Turq mountain bike frame, a bike that's just as happy sending chunky lines as it is laying down some cross-country laps at your local trail network, with lightweight carbon fiber, and a pedaling platform that's hard to beat. Like its predecessor from 2016, the SB5 is versatile, lightweight, and truly excels in all kinds of terrain, but it did see some tweaks last year to update the geometry, making it even more capable than before. Starting at the front, the head tube angle was slacked out about a half a degree, to a long and low 66. 5-degrees, allowing for confidence inspiring geometry on descents. With the shift of the head tube, the seat tube was pushed forward, upping the angle to 73. 6-degrees (medium), keeping you forward in the cockpit for improved control on descents, as well as laying the power down on climbs. The rear end saw a big makeover, with the previously used 142mm non-boost hub spacing being stretched to a generous 148mm boost hub spacing. By widening the hub, not only does boost spacing allow for a stiffer wheel to be built, but it also clears up space closer to your seat tube, enabling the shortening of chainstays to a stubby 17. 2-inches, to tuck your wheel in closer to the frame. Translating this to your ride, it means a snappier and more nimble rear end that's powerful under pedaling force. In front of the rear triangle you'll find Yeti's Switch Infinity suspension system. Different from the previously used...

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