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Dream bikes may come to us in our sleep, but they remain intangible until someone wakes up, and puts their nose to the grindstone to craft bikes with the most meticulous, deliberate geometry, and stunning components available on the planet. Yeti did just that when it crafted the SB130 Turq T3 XX1 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike. This mid-travel 29er spares no expense, with all-mountain capable geometry that's carefully crafted in Yeti's newest iteration of TURQ carbon fiber, which is refined further than before for 2020 for improved strength and stiffness. But dream bikes don't just stop at the carbon fiber layup, so Yeti partners this build with SRAM's out-of-this-world wireless XX1 AXS Eagle drivetrain that wirelessly operates your drivetrain, skipping pesky cables for the tidiest cockpit you've seen outside of a single-speed, plus carbon bells and whistles here and there to keep a good thing going. The bike itself offers you completely versatile geometry that excels at pretty much any terrain you point it down, from backcountry epics to hot laps with your crew on the weekend, it makes quick work of steep, technical terrain, and stays lively for smoother singletrack. If we said mountain bikes have gotten pretty good these days it would be the understatement of the year. We've reached a point in which our featherweight cross-country whips slam through rough terrain with more power than long-travel steeds of the past, and long-travel enduro sleds offer the pedaling efficiency of old-school hardtails. Different geometries, wheel sizes, and updated suspension designs create options for every kind of rider imaginable, and the SB130 takes the cake for those looking for a do-it-all 29er. The ideal SB130 rider is one that might find the SB100 a little under-gunned compared their riding buddies' rigs or on their typical riding terrain, whereas an SB150 is simply more bike than what's needed and is just extra weight and travel to pedal around. We feel that the geometry, suspens...

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