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Whether you've spent much time watching the professional cross-country circuits, or dabbled in racing yourself, you'll know one fact for sure: the race doesn't stop when you soar past competitors on the ascent. In fact -- we'd argue that the descent that follows is equally important, as those who conserved energy on the climb are chomping at the bit, looking for the right moment to pass. This can be a fatal flaw for those who put all of their eggs in one basket, but Yeti's SB100 Turq T2 X01 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike begs you to push beyond one area of expertise. While its swift geometry is built to charge up technical climbs with vigor, Switch Infinity's suspension allows it to perform like no other bike before it, pointing downhill with more confidence than most other 4-inch travel bikes can muster, earning a reputation of "downcountry" bike, as its 29in hoops and progressive geometry soar through ribbons of singletrack with the podium in mind. Yeti builds out this particular SB100 with cherry-picked components that offer you the right balance of performance and price, utilizing SRAM's new XX1 AXS wireless shifter and derailleur, paired up to an X01 drivetrain that gets a little more bang for your buck. The value is furthered with Yeti's top-tier TURQ carbon fiber, and Fox's top-of-the-line Factory suspension, so you can toe the line on race day with confidence that your machine is finely tuned for crushing your PR lap after lap. We typically think of cross-country bikes as one trick ponies that barely trouble the scale, which makes going uphill less of a chore. But when pointed downhill, the borderline anorexic builds can be slightly unnerving and even the most confident riders are faced with a good test of faith when pushed through the paces saddled up on a feathery whip on technical descents. Fortunately, the SB100, has some pretty good lineage to draw inspiration from and even though the geometry and suspension have cross country riding and racing on its mind ...

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