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Cross-country race courses have certainly gotten more technical over recent years and while a full-suspension bike isn't necessarily mandatory, having some squish can certainly help you go faster on more technical stretches of trail, keep you feeling fresher for some late-race moves, and provide increased traction for laying down the power on loose, steep climbs. And because many racers have found these benefits, full-suspension bikes are more commonplace on the startlines with most of them having a penchant for being great climbers, generally where races are won and lost, and just ok at descending. If all you're doing is racing, that's fine, but, if you're like us, you want to have fun riding with your buddies when there isn't a number plate on your handlebar, and generally, said fun involves rallying the downhills. We can't always afford multiple bikes so if you value a rig that can get it done with less travel and through the use of intelligent geometry that's equally adept at reaching the podium as it is tackling deep backwood epics with your crew, we feel there are few bikes that can pull off double-duty quite as well as Yeti's all-new SB100 Turq Mountain Bike Frame. Gear up for a 24-hour solo race or sneak in some hot-laps after work before the sun sets, the SB100 wants you to bring it all on. It's light, stiff, efficient, and capable thanks to its advanced Turq level carbon construction, 4-inches of Switch Infinity suspension, and race and trail-ready geometry with a Goldilocks 67. 8-degree head tube angle letting you grab the holeshot while helping you extend the lead. There's usually a reason why mountain bikes are so specialized and pigeonholed into categories these days. Build up an anorexic race whippet and it'll rocket up the climbs and pedal through the flats with near-hardtail efficiency. But, point it downhill and it's nervous handling and efficiency-centric demeanor requires excessive body English and you'll be wincing through the hairy bits wish...

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