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When it comes to cross-country prowess, Yeti's trusty steeds used to take the cake, but a bit of a hiatus left us wondering where things were going. Was XC was a thing of the past' Should we trade in our hard-tails for 160mm enduro sleds' What will become of the local XC trails' But fortunately, Yeti was quick to give us some reassurance with the release of its new SB100 Turq Beti X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike, letting us know that there's still a special place for conquering miles of rolling singletrack, lacing our way through tight switchbacks, and crushing our PRs on the climbs. All new, and ready to rumble, the SB100 Beti shows us that Yeti hasn't forgotten its 1985 roots, dominating the cross-country scene with aggressive geometry underneath lycra-clad racers. It comes to us with more tricks up its sleeve than a birthday party magician, like stubby chainstays for snappy climbing, a step-cast 44mm offset fork that gets clever with front-end geometry, and Switch Infinity suspension that soaks up the chunder on loose descents, while still allowing room for a lofty water bottle when you're out for laps on classic desert trails. We have a tendency to think to cross-country bikes as one trick ponies that make going uphill a breeze, but at the price of versatility and comfort anywhere but rolling and smooth singletrack, but the ever growing desire for a one-bike quiver has designers striving to round out the XC rigs with capabilities that surpass their travel. With the SB100 Beti's lineage, it has plenty to draw inspiration from, helping Yeti's designers perfect a platform that takes notes from its enduro roots and dives deep into cross-country racing, for a featherweight feel when you're toeing the line on race day, and just enough travel to soak up the gnarlier courses you cross. This is largely is caused by its Switch Infinity platform, which is utilized on all Yetis all the way up to the EWS winning SB6, has been redesigned specifically for 100mm of travel...

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