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As the age old saying goes, you've got to get up to get down, and we think that there are few better dicsiplines in life that fully captivate the true meaning of this than riding a bike. The trouble is, many steeds are so single-purpose built that they only excel at one or the other. Featherweight cross-country steeds have the reputation of rocketing up climbs, and feeling flighty and twitchy on descents, while downhill ready enduro sleds are a but cumbersome when you point them uphill. Yeti aims to find a balance between the two with its down-country SB100 Carbon C1 GX Eagle Mountain Bike. At first glance, you may think its a cross-country race machine, and you wouldn't be entirely wrong. It's built with progressive geometry that keeps you perched nicely for attacking technical climbs, but point it downhill and you'll find a reward that many other XC bikes can't offer -- pure confidence at high speeds. Its Switch Infinity suspension allows it to perform like a trail bike when pointed downward, providing a more confident ride feel than your average 4-inch travel steed, so you can rocket to the front of the pack on climbs, and drop them on the descent, so the only thing separating you from a podium is a few miles of smooth singletrack. We typically think of cross-country bikes as one trick ponies that barely trouble the scale, which makes going uphill less of a chore. But when pointed downhill, the borderline anorexic builds can be slightly unnerving and even the most confident riders are faced with a good test of faith when pushed through the paces saddled up on a feathery whip on technical descents. Fortunately, the SB100, has some pretty good lineage to draw inspiration from and even though the geometry and suspension have cross country riding and racing on its mind as the intended purpose, it's hard not to notice the trail and enduro highlights that bleed over from Yeti's longer travel offerings. The brief exodus from the XC scene allowed for a few reboots an...

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