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Hardtail miles bring out more smiles when we're aboard the Yeti ARC Turq T3 XX1 Eagle AXS Carbon Wheels Mountain Bike. is ripping hardtail gets geometry fit for an enduro rig all while staying fast and responsive for any kind of trail riding. Built to be ridden fast and aggressively the ARC hardtail makes its return to the dirt to the fanfare of us mountain bike purists. Made out of high-quality TURQ carbon this bike is built to be light, fast, and have second-to-none riding characteristics. We're taking our rig on cross-country trips, enduro rips, and trail-shredding sequesters with all types of terrain. Most bikes are made to go fast, but the Yeti ARC is made to go fast absolutely everywhere. Featuring large 29in wheels and a slacked-out 67-degree head-tube angle the ARC doesn't shy away from big trail features and large rollover features. With a steep 76-degree seat-tube angle the bike also gets going quickly when the power is forced through the pedals. Featured on the rig is an extremely short seat-tube length, giving the bike mean lines and the ability to install extra-long droppers. This allows for us to get the saddle even further out of the way during steep descents. The wheelbase on the size large is an appropriate 1194mm and speaks to this bike's ability to keep the momentum up on chunky terrain. There's more powering the bike than just our lunch burritos from this afternoon, and we're not talking about a battery. The Yeti ARC forces us to use human power with both our lungs and our legs to take care of pedaling and rear suspension performance. Getting that power to the wheels is SRAM's Eagle AXS drivetrain. Eagle uses 12-speeds of wireless range with a massive dinner plate 10-52 cassette for getting up the steepest terrain we can find. The bike is also fitted with an appropriate 32t front chainring, giving us lots of low-speed gearing options on fast and flowy trails. Taking a bit of sting out of the front end of the bike is the Fox Factory 34, a st...

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