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Yeti makes its debut into the world of e-mountain bikes with the all-new 160 E. While there's no denying they took their sweet time getting there, Yeti wanted to be sure they got it right, and after throwing a leg over the 160 E and knocking out 30 miles in less than half the time it normally takes, we feel they might just have gotten it perfect. Inspired by their world-class race bikes, the 160 E comes equipped with 29-inch wheels front and rear, a high-end TURQ carbon frame, a proven Shimano drive system, and 6-inches of travel propelled by a new e-specific suspension platform called Sixfinity. It's a bike that's ideal for seeking out new terrain in hard-to-reach places, and can easily conquer whatever gnarliness we find when we get there. Looking at the 160 E, we notice the Sixfinity suspension layout looks vastly different than the Switch Infinity system that's earned the brand such an esteemed reputation for its positive ride quality. Gone is the Infinity link, instead replaced by a 6-bar linkage that's better able to handle the added weight and speed that comes along with having a motor and battery. Sixfinity still operates in a similar manner to Switch Infinity, moving upward to the inflection point, and then switching directions and moving back downward in the remainder of the travel. This means the anti-squat values remain similar and allow for a smooth, well-supported pedaling platform. That being said, Sixfinity allows for an adjustable leverage rate, and the bike comes with a 3-position flip-chip that lets us tune the bike to be ultra-plush, ultra-efficient, or right in the middle with a well-balanced middle setting. As for the motor and battery, Yeti opts for the Shimano EP8 system that's already well-proven in the field. This means no proprietary parts to worry about, as the Shimano system is readily supported worldwide. The 630-Watt hour integrated battery provides hassle-free off-the-bike charging and has more than enough juice to propel us in...

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