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AIRE 136 Double-D Raft - The 136 Double-D Raft by AIRE is the newest member in the "DD" series of rafts. "DD" stands for double diminished tubes. The tubes diminish twice and they move towards the bow and stern creating a wild kick! They are wider than other models of rafts for more stability and to handle wide frames. With its large tube diameter, double-diminishing tubes and radical kick, this boat provides great gear hauling, stability, and maneuverability. It is an awesome boat for those who are looking for a shorter gear hauling boat for overnighters, or paddle teams seeking stability. The welded PVC outer shell seams and the internal urethane bladders are the foundation of this highly durable raft, while the zippered tubes allow for easy access to the bladders in case repairs are needed. 12 D-rings offer plenty of room for gear tie-down, and four handles make for easy carrying. Now with more kick for riding over waves and holes, the AIRE 136 Double-D Raft provides plenty of room for gear and passengers.

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