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Taking your bikes with you on your last-minute weekend getaway is too amazing an experience to be spoiled by the hassle of a sub-standard hitch or rear rack. But it often is. Folding the bikes half-way down, struggling to hoist coolers or gear from the passenger door to the back, or having to take the bikes off to access your cargo area are all huge mood killers. With its innovative design, the Yakima Fullswing keeps your adventure headed in the right direction. Turn the safety knob, pull the red pin, and your bikes effortlessly swivel from the center to the side of the car, fully freeing access to your cargo area without the hassle of removing even one bike.With a capacity of up to four bikes and a total of 150lb, the Fullswing is ready to hold your road, gravel, or mountain bikes and Yakima's Zipstrips securely affix to all types of bikes. The Fullswing installs without tools to your 2in receiver hitch and is locked in place with the SpeedKnob. Integrated locking cables deter potential thieves while you duck into a convenience store for cooler ice.

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