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Product Condition The XTR BL-M9120 Disc Brake is in Excellent condition The Brake is in excellent condition The brake was previously owned for approximately three weeks The following observation has been made about this item The brake has signs of installation onto a fork Item sold as is All warranties voidSize Unisex FrontColor StealthRetail Cost 35499If you follow mountain bike news then you already know well about Shimanos leap into the future with its new 12-speed groupset and with the beefier cassette and gear range theres no doubt that youll want a shiny new brakeset to go along with your setup In years past we knew Shimanos XTR brakes by their Trail and Race designations which have been done away with this year and to keep things simple well say that the new XTR BL-M9120 follows the line of evolution from the 9020 Trail brake from before but with some major improvements like quicker brake engagement with shorter free stroke and increased stiffness over the 9000 series even under high temperaturesThe XTR BL-M9120 is stocked with all of the bells and whistles we want for enduro riding and multi-day peak-to-peak epics like Servo Wave for lever powerful controlled braking an updated brake lever shape thats more comfortable to use Its compatible with Shimanos newest I-Spec the I-Spec EV shifting lever mount for a clean and organized cockpit With I-Spec EV youll find that the clamp location moves inward from the previous design while the new master cylinder contacts the handlebar elevating lever rigidity and improving braking response The lever features a simple reach adjust and pairs up with a refined 4-piston caliper that increases braking power a claimed 10 above the M9020 of last year You may be wondering where the M9120 falls in comparison to the equally new and shiny M9100 While the M9100 may shed grams above the M9120 youll find that it lacks the adjustability and some of the stopping power The M9120 uses two more pistons in the calipers making it more ideal for enduro and trail shredding while the M9100s minimalist approach slides it to the ideal spot for racing cross country and marathon Thats because 9100 skips the bells and whistles like Servo Wave and free stroke adjust opting for a more minimalist but featherweight applicationWhy We Like The XTR BL-M9120 Disc Brake DWGAQYH

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