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Walking in the woods can be dangerous times for those who aren't sure of their way. The stories of Red Riding Hood do not usually end especially happily. Sure, the Woodsman generally shows up at the end and takes care of any dastardly bad wolves who might have just tricked and eaten anyone's grandmothers, but that hardly sounds like an enjoyable visit in even the best of situations! The tales of the Little Red Riding Hood are ones of curiosity gone wrong, of the dangers of the wilderness. However, Little Red Riding Hood has changed a good deal in the years since her childish romp in the wood and definitely learned to recognize wolfish behavior. She's also learned to update her look and the red is no longer a shade of innocence and the pursued victim. Red is now the color of the huntress! Grown up, Red Riding Hood is more a force to be reckoned with and, this time, it is the wolf that should be watching for you and the Woodsman only gets to tag along if you feel like inviting him. Show the changing times in this Women's Ruffle Red Riding Hood costume. This one-piece dress of polyester satin is skillfully crafted to look like a corset vest over a peasant blouse, so you get all the look with half the work. The bodice is made of velvet and has ribbon appliques arranged in a crossing pattern to look like the corset lacing. But, it is the many tiers of satin ruffle in the skirt that truly makes this Little Red Riding Hood come out of the woods. Complete your look with the satin hooded cape with bright ribbon ties and you are ready to know exactly why everyone's eyes are so big. Bring along a few additional accessories to ensure your night is a victory-we might recommend a wicker basket and, just perhaps, an axe of your own.

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