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Buy It Now! | Rossignol Ski Packages > Sometimes it's all in the name - the Rossignol Spicy 7 Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings are guaranteed to add some zest to your ski season. A narrower profile ideal for all mountain riding and touring, the Spicy 7 also holds its own in softer conditions thanks to an exaggerated tip taper and super low swing weight combined with a Powder Turn Rocker shape that helps with float and control in the freshies. Fun and playful, these ultra-lightweight skis are a great choice for recreational skiers looking for an easy-going setup, or more adventurous ladies that want a ski they can ride both in and out bounds with. Like a pinch of pepper, the Rossignol Spicy 7 Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings add the perfect amount of flavor to your ride. Paulownia and Cell Core Sintered HD Air Tip 2.0 Now lighter and stronger for amplified stability playfulness and float... Rossignol's new AirTip 2.0 top boasts a reinforced 3D structure and full integration into the waist to create a ski with a denser center of gravity and a lighter tail and tip. Offering effortless intuitive maneuverability, enhanced control and an ultra-lightweight feel, the new AirTip 2.0 tip is a revolution by design. Includes Look Xpress 11 Bindings DIN Range 3.5 - 11 Power Turn Rocker This ski is cambered over 90% of its length, delivering power, superior snow feel and excellent grip on the piste. The remaining 10% features a tip rocker for easier turn initiation and control. | Women's Rossignol Spicy 7 Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings 2019

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