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Buy It Now! | Rossignol Ski Packages > Why rent your first pair of skis when you can get a great deal from a great brand like Rossignol this easily? The Rossignol Famous 2 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings are purpose-built to vault you up the learning curve and make every day on snow a pleasure. Super light construction and a sidecut that turns magically help you build confidence and the skill set needed to go to the head of your class. Oversized Sidecut Combining deep carving sidecuts with wider, modern waist widths, this profile delivers powerful carving precision and edge grip while increasing stability and control. Includes Look Xpress 10 Bindings DIN Range 3 - 10 Power Turn Rocker This ski is cambered over 90% of its length, delivering power, superior snow feel and excellent grip on the piste. The remaining 10% features a tip rocker for easier turn initiation and control. Free VAS A visco elastomer material that smooths the rocker/camber transition to reduce "tip flap," increasing stability, control and snow contact in changing snow. Poplar Wood Core This highly progressive construction helps skiers up their game while having fun, whatever the terrain. The power varies according to the fiberglass, core thickness and curve. | Women's Rossignol Famous 2 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings 2019

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