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There is nothing like partying out in the open sea. Boat parties are where it's at. We don't know what exactly it is but trust us it prefers to be floating atop the calm of the ocean. Whether you have yet to experience your first sea-top celebration or you go crazy on yacht shindigs every other weekend, we have an adorable outfit that you must see. Stripes, buttons, suspenders, and a delightful little hat?! What's not to love? If you have a flair for vintage style then this Retro Sailor Girl Costume for women will really float your boat. You'll look like someone straight out of a nifty nautical daydream. Even if you happen to be landlocked this retro outfit will make you feel as free as the breeze on a beach shore. When you close your eyes you'll be able to hear the soothing sound of the sea, you'll smell it's salty aroma, feel it's sway in your every step... so you may want to make sure your sea-legs are ready to go! If you need a cute costume for Halloween or an adorable uniform for a grand adventure, this retro outfit is perfect. Grab a seafaring crew and you'll be ready to sail across the seven seas or get your best friends together and you'll be ready for the best Halloween celebration ever! Sail off into a sunset while wearing this cute Women's Retro Sailor Girl Costume. Feel as free spirited as the explorers that mapped out the oceans. Discover a new love for the sea and all the cute costumes it inspires!

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