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Ever think that the world has gotten a bit drab and lost some of that colorful flair that really makes everything spin? Well, with the "suits" seemingly winning the war, it is crucial to latch onto something far brighter. Fortunately, our history gives us a ton of great inspiration from the '60s and '70s. The colors, the music, the dance. Too often, we are all told that the days of the groovy past are long beyond us. But, half the point of bringing kids and grandchildren into the world are so we've finally got someone around who has to listen to our stories! Not to mention a ton of tales from the Disco dance floora | But, Disco wasn't the only reason for those groovy days. Woodstock, peace and love, and the styling threads were at least as big as the glittering disco ball. You say that you are a fan of fringe? Well, dozens of our favorite comedies make clear reference to the spectacular days, the styling threads, the grand colors, the peace and goodwill that came from a community ready to do little more than give a brand new meaning to being chill. Fortunately, now, you can do both at once. All you have to do is turn on some classic music and relive some of your own best memories and bring the '60s and '70s right up into the modern day by stepping back into time with this Womens' Pretty in Pink '70s costume. Hippie lifestyle is the perfect way to go and this lovely flower-print dress and pink vest is the perfect outfit to "go-go" in! Complete the look with any of our optional accessories, a long blonde wig or matching fringe leggings, and you'll be the dancing queen with flower power.

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