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Buy It Now! | O'Neill Insulated Jackets > The future just called and the word is that air is the new, on-demand insulation. A truly innovative design that utilizes your own breathe to inflate its baffles for insulating warmth, the O'Neill Supersuit Jacket is the most futuristic puffy jacket you'll encounter this year, guaranteed. With heat bonded seams and discrete air tubes, this air-powered jacket gives you complete control over it's insulating warmth. Lightweight and made from 100% recycled fabrics, the Supersuit is undoubtedly a glimpse into the future. O'Neill Blue These products were designed for durability, more circularity and towards a better future. That's why O'Neill currently have a minimum requirement of at least 40% preferred materials in a style to be classified as O'Neill Blue, and they will continue to raise this bar in seasons to come. Fixed Hood Inflatable Insulation The Supersuit | Women's O'Neill Supersuit Jacket 2022 - Small Black

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