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In the 2001 blockbuster movie Moulin Rouge!, Ewan McGregor is partying with some lads when someone brings out what was pretty much the 4Loco of the time - Absinthe. If you've never had a drink of this neon-green substance made out of wormwood, then consider yourself lucky, because that stuff is ripe - you basically have to cut it with tons of sugar just to make it even remotely palatable! But needs must, friends, and back then, you didn't drink alcohol for the drank because of the way it made you feel, and when it came to absinthe, the biggest draw - and for us, the highlight of the movie - was wormwood-induced visions, like the one of a small emerald sprite who announces, "I'm the Green Fairy" (played perfectly by Kylie Minogue), and then flies about, sprinkling pixie dust and warbling, "the hills are alive with the sound of music." And then stuff gets kind of dark (as in, Ozzy Osbourne screaming from the depths of your nightmares type-a dark), but the point is: When it comes to playing fairies, you don't always have to be a Tinkerbell or a protector of Sleeping Beauty can totally, totally decide to be a hallucinogen-induced manic-pixie kind of fairly, if that's what you're into! And to help, check out this Women's Green Tutu!

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