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Buy It Now! | GNU Snowboards > You have two options: spend the winter suffering through road rage, making trips to the gym to pick up heavy objects, or get out-of-this-world pitted on the GNU Zoid Asym C2X Snowboard. Widely considered as an instant classic after its introduction 3 seasons back, the directional, trapezoidal, and asymmetrically shaped Zoid took the world of snowboarding by storm - so much so that it threatened to change "snowboarding" to "zoiding." Rumored to be shaped by extraterrestrials, the asymmetric geometries of the Zoid give you the ability to float, pop, slash, crash, thrash and carve backwards or forwards into the future, and beyond any earthly boundaries. Experience the beautiful weirdness for yourself and mount up the game-changing GNU Zoid Asym C2X Snowboard. Flex Scale Medium-Firm 2 x 4 Insert Pattern Art GNU Art Dept. (@gnusnowboards) Sintered Knife Cut Easy, tough and holds wax. Level 2 Asym Scale | Sidecut, Core & Contacts Asymmetric wood core allows for softer flexing on the heelside. There is also a deeper sidecut on the heelside and asymmetric contact angles and length. Shorter heelside contact. | Women's GNU Zoid Asym C2X Snowboard 2018

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