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So you're a whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts! Ain't no's almost a hobby, being able to slink around in a black leather outfit and dodge security at every turn. That is, it would be a hobby, if it weren't so dangerous...but that's part of the fun, right? There's something highly satisfying of "now you see me, now you don't"...we do it all the time! It's called the electric bill, and if it can't see us, then it can't hurt us! But let's just keep it real here for a second - you've obviously got an ax to grind. With the world, with greater humanity at large, with Bruce Wayne, and possibly with any fabric that is not a leather synthetic. Now, the whole "Don't box me in with your bourgeoisie ideals of what a female antiheroine should look or act like!" is totally understandable, and we completely support you in that fight! But sometimes, Catwoman, wouldn't it do you some good to just let loose? Y'know...relax! Have a drink at a party, without having to constantly case the joint or inspect the closest exit point. Listen, we're not trying to change who we are...we just want you to shake things up a bit. Try some new things! And we gotta tell ya, we think this officially licensed Women's Deluxe Catwoman Corset Costume would be a perfect first step. Made from 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane foam, it moves with you while also keeping to that shiny pleather look you love so much. It's got a corset top with functional shoulders, 3 functional zippers (handy!) ,and a corset back. The skirt has a back zipper closure, and it even comes with elbow-length gloves! Which, as you already know, are super functional for things like climbing and scaling and gripping. It also comes with a mask...which we know you don't necessarily need, but sometimes it's nice to have a collection of masks to choose from, depending on your particular mood, alright? Add some strappy leather heels or thigh-high boots to complete this tough yet playful look. Yeah, that's right...we said "playful"'re Catwoman! Cats love to play! They're basically known for it-...fine! Never mind. Just hop on your motorcycle and go, then!

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