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Waldo, or Wally as he's known in his home country of England (not a knockoff Waldo like we thought at first), is a world traveler who both stands out from a crowd and doesn't. I mean, you'd think you'd be able to spot him right away in that getup, right? But sometimes it can take a while. Our Where's Waldo Messenger bag will help you... find people? Or blend in? Oh, stand out! Whatever your desired relationship with a crowd is, this messenger bag will help you accomplish it. You can fill it with all the Waldo books, or all your red and white sweaters like Waldo himself presumably does -- the bag resembles the world traveler's own bag, one of the items he repeatedly loses that readers have to find. Make your own Where's Waldo scavenger hunt! All you'll need is a cup, a snorkel, a camera, binoculars, a tea kettle, a sleeping bag, a shovel, a mallet, a walking stick, this bag, and several hundred compliant strangers who'll stand still for a few hours. It's 10 inches tall and eight inches wide and has adjustable shoulder straps to fit Waldo/Wally fans of any size.

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