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Werner has been handcrafting paddles in Washington state since 1965, and the Zen 85 3-piece adjustable was especially designed to be a premium travel paddle prepared to handle any modern SUP adventure. Compact enough for packing-in to the backcountry and constructed for high-performance use, this paddle is sure to keep you confident on the water. A step up from basic entry-level paddles without the price tag of advanced models, the Zen 85 carbon blend shaft and fiberglass blade combination provides premium all-around use. This blend grants enough shaft flex for a comfortable stroke without sacrificing durable rigidity for power in the blade. The smaller sized, 85in2, long slender rectangular shaped blade features a streamlined dihedral profile to support a soft catch that's easy on the body and ideal for smaller paddlers. The smooth and efficient stroke limits on-water exertion, allowing for higher cadence paddling and extended use. Paddle easy on river runs, ocean trips, and flatwater cruises with this versatile paddle that keeps you comfortably in control. Whether you are flying to the coast or sharing the paddle with a friend, the three-piece LeverLock Travel system affords optimal portability while 16" adjustability accommodates varying user heights. So load up your favorite SUP and hit the road, with this paddle packed you'll be equipped to face whatever waters you cross along the way.

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