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Lightweight, buoyant, and easy on the wrists, Werner's Ovation Two-Piece Paddle is a dream to paddle flat water and mellow rivers with thanks to its full carbon construction. This low angle touring paddle features a carbon shaft for a lightweight, performance-oriented feel and is fitted with lightweight carbon blades for a stiff and efficient dig with each stroke. Paddlers looking for a more rugged non-carbon whitewater paddle that will take a serious beating should check out the Kalliste paddle, which has a similar feel to the Ovation, but with a more bomber whitewater construction.The neutral bent shaft of the Ovation provides better hand and wrist alignment to reduce fatigue and strain after a long day of paddling. Another major benefit of the neutral bent shaft is it has a similar feel to a straight shaft, eliminating the learning curve for folks switching over from a more traditional straight shaft. This particular version of the Ovation comes in a two-piece design and is fitted with Werner's Smart View Adjustable ferrule, making the paddle easier to store and travel with, but also giving it that same simple, streamlined feel of one-piece paddle. The adjustable ferrule even allows paddlers to adjust the feather angle on the paddle to accommodate different paddling styles. The mid-sized blade is suitable for the widest range of paddlers, while its dihedral blade shape allows water to flow around the paddle for a more smooth and stable forward paddling feel.

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