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Wow, you really caught some air on that last booter. So much air that your friends are wondering when you're gonna come back down. Well, while they're worrying about that, you can enjoy the view from the lower stratosphere with the Von Zipper Satelite Goggle. This altitude-loving goggle offers an ultra-wide field of vision, thanks in part to its lightweight semi-rimless frame, which also boasts a light dampening texture to help reduce glare. Widlife lenses filter out UV radiation and harmful light waves to reduce eye-strain and boost your ocular health, and also offer enhanced color and visual clarity, so you can enjoy sprawling mountain views and identify crust and ice before they have you taking a digger. You've also got triple-density face foam for soft and moisture-wicking comfort, and anti-fog treatment to keep your vision clear no matter how hard you're breathing on hard-charging rippers. Get yourself some ultra-clear vision this winter, and get ready to land soon, your friends are starting to get concerned.

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