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Volkl V1 Classic 2022 Tennis Racquets : Experience the iconic playability of the Volkl V1 Classic 2022! For over 25 years, this tennis racquet built a legacy by delivering an amazing, arm-friendly feel at contact. The Volkl V1 Classic continues the tradition with a soft yet crisp feel that can be fine-tuned to suit your needs. Enjoy easy access to spin from the 16x19 open pattern, while the Precise Power beam shape makes power accessible to all players. Racquet Technology Precise Power beam shape uses a classic beam design combined with a box beam construction to provide that classic Volkl feel while improving power. Dual Dampening Grip handle system gives good feedback, great dampening and creates the iconic plush feel even on stiffer frames. Big Grommets allow greater string movement for an increased sweet spot.

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