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The Voile V-Tail Splitboard was the original swallowtail to first enter the backcountry scene. Designed nearly twenty years ago by a dude named Dimitri in Utah, the V-Tail still shines as one of the best boards for bounding the backcountry in search of soft, deep snow. Its directional, rockered nose is an obvious choice for powder lines. It helps you keep your nose up while you surf, and the fork-shaped tail spits out all that snow with one helluva fishtail. Despite its soft snow prowess, the V-Tail puts up a surprising performance on firmer snow as well. Its long camber length helps you hold an edge when a patch of ice surprises you on the ride down. Voile built the board of aspen to maintain backcountry-friendly lightness, and carbon stringers amp up the board's stiffness for a moderate flex that most riders could enjoy. Its capped construction also keeps weight to a minimum, and Voile makes up for the lack of sidewalls with beefy steel edges to ensure long-lasting durability, season after season.

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