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Deep gravel and loose corners may call for serious knobs on your tires, but some rides roll on a bit firmer terrain. Those same beefy knobs that brought benefits in loose terrain only slow your roll when things are smooth, and Vittoria's Terreno Zero G2. 0 650 Tires are just the trick to keep you moving quickly, and soak up chatter. That's because they find a happy medium, with the technology of the smooth-rolling Corsa line, paired with fish-scale knobs that we see throughout the other Terreno tires that provide reliable bite when you're booking it into corners. And with a lofty 47mm profile you can roll with lower air pressures for a bit of pneumatic suspension to cushion rough roads. The Terreno Zero G2. 0 receive Vittoria's TNT casing, which offers easy tubeless setup, and seals tightly for running those low PSI's for better grip and comfort. It's 3C rubber compound includes Vittoria's exclusive Graphene 2. 0 for easier rolling, longer life, and outstanding traction on a variety of surfaces, while the 120-TPI nylon casing offers a little more protection across rugged terrain.

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