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Out of all of the places in the world for a revolutionary tire compound to be created and fine-tuned, we can't think of many more fitting than the shores of Lake Como. It was there that Directa Plus engineered its impossibly thin graphene compound, a virtually two-dimensional sheet of carbon that, after a recent partnership, Vittoria is now using to make tires. While new technologies are consistently touted as "the next best thing" in cycling, the enhanced properties of rubber paired with graphene makes it something we expect to see more of in the future. The Rubino Pro Speed G Plus Clincher Tire is one of the first to feature this new material with a triple compound construction that will enable you to confidently ride through a range of rainy and dry conditions you may encounter on the roads. Out of its new line of tires, Vittoria names the Rubino Pro Speed as its all-around, everyday training tire, without the pricier four-layer composition used on its more premium, race-ready siblings. While the triple compound's targeted blend of cornering confidence and low rolling resistance is important, the tire's real selling point is the graphene. In addition to making the tires more durable and more resistant to punctures, graphene's added elasticity further increases suppleness and speed, making for a tire that wears like a training tire but has the road feel of a premium racing tire.

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