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The Mota G2. 0 Enduro Tire uses a square-block tread pattern inspired by the all-conditions Martello tire, but has wider spacing between the lugs that allows quick shedding of mud and debris. This makes it an excellent choice for wet weather and muddy conditions, though it can hold it's own on mixed terrain, no problem. Traction is further improved by Vittoria's revised Graphene 2. 0 compound, while the new Trail TNT casing boosts puncture resistance with its improved sidewall protection and anti-pinch-flat inserts. Vittoria has been putting Graphene in their tires for years, using it to improve the overall structure of their compounds by binding the rubber molecules closer together. Graphene 2. 0 essentially takes Vittoria's original Graphene-infused compound and improves upon it in every way, with special attention given to boost wet weather performance. G2. 0 consists of four different durometers of rubber in the tread, each one strategically placed for the best combination of low rolling resistance, cornering stability, grip, and longevity. Pair this with the increased puncture resistance offered by the Trail TNT casing, and you've got a tire that's ready to take on demanding terrain and sloppy conditions.

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