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If riding gravity has your tires feeling down, and blowing through berms into the bushes is beating you up, it might be time for an upgrade to a new set of tires designed to dominate the downhill. The Vittoria Martello G Plus TNT 29er tire is the right option to get your bike back on track. With hefty lugs that are hungry to put the hammer down on any downhill or enduro course you toss at your bike, TNT casing you can trust, and G+ 4C rubber compound, the Martello is a versatile, all condition tire for an all-mountain rider. The Martello is well matched for riders who have an appetite for burly trails that buck you around, with moto-block square lugs to give you superior security and grip in loose dirt. The lugs are equipped with progressive sipe-width grooves that are designed to provide extra traction without increasing rolling resistance, or adding in unnecessary small lugs that tear off easily on dry and rough hardpack. Significant spacing between the lugs lends its self to mud shed, so you can trust your tread to stay locked down in the unfortunate event of getting a bit mud bogged. TNT casing continues to show us its durability and suppleness with 120 threads per inch for ultimate lock down to hard pack, and a reliable bead that won't slip or burp on big drops or banked turns. With 4C G+ technology, Vittoria layers four compounds together, to maximize versatility and keep the weight down, with different compounds lining the inside of the tire for durability than coating the outside for grip. The tire sits comfortably on your wagon wheel at 29 x 2. 35in, providing cushion when needed, but ultimately quick rolling and aggressive grip for bombing down descents and hammering back up again for your next lap.

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