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Billed as the world's fastest tire, the new Vittoria Corsa Speed G Plus Tubular Tire boasts revolutionary graphene technology for an unprecedented mix of low rolling resistance, durability, and all-weather grip. The Corsa Speed G Plus is the culmination of a collaboration between Vittoria and carbon manufacturer Directa Plus to create a tire compound that incorporates graphene. Vittoria's calling the result G plus, and it claims that G Plus' inclusion significantly reduces rolling resistance while maintaining the durability Vittoria has long been known for. Clocking in at a claimed 45g lighter than the standard Corsa G Plus, the Corsa Speed G Plus has all the makings of a purebred racer. The inclusion of graphene is credited with enhancing traction, increasing durability, and reducing rolling resistanct, and its impressive strength-to-weight ratio keeps the tire well-suited for racing by reducing rotational mass. According to Vittoria, the combination of G Plus and Isogrip compounds creates a tire surfacing that also rolls fast in both dry and wet conditions for confident cornering and general handling no matter what nature comes up with when you're battling it out on rolling country roads, miles from the finish line. Vittoria claims that the elasticity and carbon construction of graphene creates an incredibly durable tire, but for even more reassurance it utilizes a corespun casing to increase the tire's lifespan. With multiple cotton fibers twisted together to create one yarn, core spun casings are significantly stronger than typical casings, and they don't add unnecessary weight to the tire. A final element that sets the Corsa Speed G Plus apart from all training and most racing tires is its luxuriously high 320 TPI. TPI measures the number of threads per inch in a tire's casing, with higher counts equating to a tire with a suppler ride, and 320 puts the Corsa Speed G Plus at the highest, supplest end of the spectrum.

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