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Those that have been following professional cycling for a while will be quite familiar with the trademark green striped Vittoria Pave tubulars called upon by professional teams to conquer the harshest roads, we use that term lightly, and conditions encountered during the northern spring classics. Tubular tires enjoy a great lore in cycling where gluing techniques, tire pressures, and even aging them in a cellar like a fine wine to harden up the rubber for the punishing stones are generally heavily guarded secrets tucked away in the annals of a mechanic's notebook somewhere in the service course. Perhaps no other road race's result is dictated by luck quite like Paris-Roubaix. This is the race that little boys dream of winning and when they become men, hardened by the training in absolutely horrible conditions over shit covered roads and the rigors of racing in the professional peloton, its mandatory that they have the right material if they want to raise the coveted cobblestone trophy above their head at the end of the day. So understandably we were a little bit miffed and saddened when we noticed a disappearance of the much-lauded Pave tubs and knew Vittoria must have something up its sleeves. After all, it had poured a lot of development and effort into its Graphene technology so surely a worthy successor was on the way. We're happy to announce that yes, it's here, the Corsa Control G Plus Tire in Tubular is the tire for when the hard men and women come out to play, and any dye in the wool classics fanatic should be hoarding these tubulars so you can enjoy a pro-level ride quality and durability on your own heroic rides.It was maybe around 2015 when we noticed an absence of the tell-tale green Pave tires. So important is Roubaix, that many teams forego tire sponsorship obligations and you'll notice Dugast and FMB treads glued up on wheels and distributed to mechanics standing in crux 5-star sectors like the Trouee d'Arenberg, Mons-en-Pevele, and Le Carrefour d...

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