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Built with a durable, open tubular casing, the Vittoria Corsa Control G Plus Tire - Clincher has an excellent foundation to tackle the greasy cobbles so often found on the spring classics, and features its revolutionary graphene technology at the tread for an impressive mix of low rolling resistance, durability, and all-weather grip. The Corsa Control G Plus and all of Vittoria's graphene-infused tires are the culmination of a collaboration between Vittoria and an external company, Directa Plus, to adopt a carbon compound known as graphene for use in bike tires. The resulting compound, known as, G Isotech, promises less rolling resistance, increased grip, along with the durability and wear resistance that makes Vittoria a favorite in the pro peloton. By adding graphene to the compound's mix, it gives the racer or any cyclist that values performance, enhanced traction, increased durability, and reduces rolling resistance. It provides the most impressive strength-to-weight ratio we've seen from the brand and it's no surprise that this tire gets called upon when the parcours is challenging and the pace will certainly be A bloc from the gun. The Corsa Control is especially suited to the harsh conditions typical of a spring classic, and the Isotech compound is appreciated as the tire can roll fast in both dry and wet conditions while offering confident cornering and handling while you're duking it out on the Tuesday Night World Championships in variable conditions on local rolling country roads. We can appreciate that a fast tire doesn't mean squat if it punctures easily, so it's refreshing to know that the inclusion of graphene creates an incredibly durable tire and, along with the Corespun K casing that's reinforced for increased sidewall protection, this tire won't cut your race or ride short. The handmade casing is the result of cotton fibers twisted together to create one yarn, and the high-TPI casing is significantly suppler than other casings offering a distinc...

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