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Just as snow tires allow you to take your well-meaning, two-wheel-drive sedan places you though it would never see, Vittoria's 29 Plus Bomboloni TNT Tire is prepared to transform your already capable 29er into a snow-eating machine. When you're not tackling purely technical terrain, the fast-rolling alternating center tread on the Bombolonis will ensure they never veer towards the clunky, unyielding end of the spectrum. A 29+ tire can blast through just about anything, which is why it makes sense that Vittoria chose to take inspiration from automobile snow tire technology when developing the Bomboloni. Capable of ferrying you over everything from lightly dusted hardpack to piles of slushy, wet snow, the Bombolonis are made with Vittoria's durable dual-compound rubber and protected by 120 TPI casing. Square knobs paired with sharply squared-off edges on the tires lend ample confidence as you ride over slick sections of trail or corner through deep snow, while the alternating sipe angles -- thin slits cut across the surface of the tire to increase traction -- provide added grip on icy or wet terrain in the same way that they do in your car.

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