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Modern World Cup XC mountain bike courses are more technical than ever, requiring riders to navigate terrain that would be appropriate on downhill courses in years past. The World Cup-proven Vittoria Barzo G Plus TNT Tire is designed to amplify grip on loose and mixed trail conditions, all while providing the low rolling resistance that is expected from a performance XC tire. The center tread uses an alternating ridge design with progressive sipe angles. On-trail this translates into good grip and braking traction on roots, rocks, and loose surfaces. The moto-block style side knobs dig in to corners with confidence so you can carry speed into the next section. A good XC tire is not all about grip though, and Vittoria ensures the Barzo rolls fast too with their 4C rubber compound infused with Graphene. Graphene bonds to nearby rubber molecules, filling the void between them without adding much weight. This provides a smooth and fast rolling compound, but also enhances the strength and durability of the tire.

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