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THE GREATEST SHOW OF STRENGTH No matter your lot in life, you've probably had some hefty dreams of being known for some kind of exceptional and almost superhuman skill. If by now, you have not yet felt your mutant strengths beginning to appear, it might be out of luck. (We're still crossing our fingers for you, of course.) But, either way, it doesn't mean that your family needs to be left in the dark without those skills! Your kiddo still has plenty opportunity to develop some of those amazing talents and bring about an amazing change for the future. Until we have schools for the extraordinary, though, your tyke might need to stick to proving themselves in contests of strength down at the local carnival. Sure, we might not have seen them all that active since the '20s, but everything can have its comeback. FUN DETAILS Show the world your tyke's might with this Vintage Strongman Boy's Costume. This exclusive white and red wrestler's style singlet is the mix of a pullover shirt that features tattooed designs and elastic waist pants with all the circus-style markings that you're hoping for. The included belt has a hook and loop fastener for easy wear and features an oversized, decorative metal buckle in the front that only heightens that victoriously strong look. All you'll need next is an olden-day mustache, some mock dumbells, and either a bald cap or a wig for even crazier hair and the festival is won! A DREAM OF STRENGTH MADE REAL When your kiddo tells you that they want to be super strong when they grow up, they're probably picturing something like Captain America or Superman. Who can blame them? They're pretty recognizably strong folks. But, imagine the fun of letting your kiddo be a real-world strongman and show everyone how it can really work! This Vintage Strongman Costume is just the way to make that dream come true.

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