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Typically, affordable bindings tend to be soft-flexing freestyle rigs. And that's fine, if you're looking to get loose in the park. But if you're looking for a responsive freeride binding for full-throttle riding on technical terrain, then you're out of luck. Or, at least you were until the Union STR Snowboard Binding came along. The STR offers performance that's similar to that of the iconic Atlas binding, only at a price that leaves more money leftover for post-shred pizza. Its mid-stiff baseplate offers a responsive feel for navigating steep terrain, and it's built ultra-tough to withstand the toughest abuse you can dish out. The new STR2 highback offers support when you're dropping cliffs and making powerful heelside carves, and it has a dual-material construction that improves heelside control and power while still allowing lateral flexibility and comfort. The canted footbed aligns your legs in a more natural position for added power and less strain on your joints.

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