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As versatile as it is tough, the Union Atlas Binding makes it abundantly clear why it's a favorite of the Union Team. It offers the strength, support, and response needed for award-winning riders like Kazu Kokubo to do everything from ripping the halfpipe to riding gnarly lines in the backcountry. Details like magnesium buckles, multi-position straps, and quick-adjust forward lean give the Atlas a high-end feel without costing you more than you paid for your season pass. An extruded 3D aluminum heelcup reduces weight while maintaining strength and stiffness, and the Stage 3 Duraflex CB baseplate makes minimal contact with your board to eliminate dead zones in the flex beneath your feet. The Atlas highback eliminates bite for improved comfort and is cored-out to shed weight without sacrificing response, while the multi-density thermoformed EVA bushings dampen vibrations for butter-like smoothness. Canted Gas Pedals supply extra leverage for ollie power as well as align your ankle and knee joints for a more natural stance. To top it all off, an ExoFrame 2. 0 ankle strap provides a secure and responsive fit without painful pressure points and is fitted with a hinge to make strapping in much easier.

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