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Get ready to pillage, and plunder me 'earties! You've been searching all year for the perfect costume. You can't let Mindy Parker be named best dressed at the Halloween dance this year. Sure last year she was painted the perfect blue to be Smurffette. And you were dressed as Black Widow. (Honestly you still feel like you should have won.) But this year she won't have anything on you. No, because you have searched the Halloween shops in town, and on the internet. And you have searched the seven seas waiting for the perfect costume to come on the market...or at least to find the perfect costume. And now you have. You can finally beat little miss perfect Mindy Parker for best dressed this Halloween. (We know how you feel, we have our very own Mindy Parker in Holly Ford, it's been a biter rivalry since elementary school.) So, we understand why you want this. Why you want to make this year memorable. In this Teen Charming Pirate Captain Costume, you will be uniting your class under your flag of awesomeness. You'll look ready to dance a jig when you walk in to your school gym that's been decked out for the festivities. Jack-O-Lanterns sitting on tables with punch, and bowls of candy. Just don't forget to get yourself a stylin' pirate captain hat to match the costume, that way when they announce you best dressed you can give a little bow, and tip your hat to Mindy Parker. Yo ho!

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