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CARVE OUT NEW TRAILS ON THE ROSCOE 7 MOUNTAIN BIKE FROM TREK.New riders will rejoice in the stability, and experienced riders will love playfulness of the Trek Roscoe 7 Mountain Bike. This mid-fat trail hardtail bike offers a 1x drivetrain that is simple to use, and the great traction gives you a responsive and fun ride on mountain descents. The Roscoe makes every terrain you go over a fun adventure. FEATURESAlpha Gold Aluminum - Our high-performance lightweight aluminum is continuously cold extruded and butted, and formed into manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight savingSuspension lockout - Locked suspension means your fork remains inactive, increasing pedaling efficiencyDropper post internal routing - Not ready for an internally routed dropper post now, but want to keep your options open? Select frames are equipped with the proper entry and exit points to accommodate internal routing for a Stealth seat post.Rack Mounts - Going for a long ride? Rack mounts make carrying accessories a breezeExtended size range - A wider range of sizes than the industry standard provides more options for everyone

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