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Trango's Rock Prodigy Elite Package includes the Training Center hangboard, Rock Climber's Training Manual, and assisted pulley systems to up you climbing game tenfold. The Training Center's two-piece construction allows a custom fit for your body to increase your performance and decrease the chance of injuring your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Trango fixed this hangboard with two jugs, two slopers, variable-depth edge rails, four fairly nasty crimps, three differently sized pinches, and a plethora of pockets ranging from three-fingers to one-fingers; basically any type of hold you'll come across in the vertical world. The Rock Climber's Training Manual gives insight to extremely precise and repeatable exercises designed specifically for the Training Center. Authors Mark L. Anderson and Michael L. Anderson provide climbing advice for coaches across the world, and this book covers how they went from 5. 11 to 5. 14c via a direct training program that makes up this book. Also included in this package is Trango's Rock Prodigy Training Pulley Kit, which assists in your workouts by taking the weight off your body, decreases the chance of injury, and allows you to hold onto the crimps you never thought possible.

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