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If your garage features a quiver of diverse bikes, with classic road bikes, beach cruisers, beefy full suspensions, and the odd fatbike, chances are you have several different bike pumps to accommodate their different tire pressure needs. With the Topeak JoeBlow ACE DX Floor Pump you can free up some space, while achieving the same pressures and qualities you love from your assortment of pumps, with one pump that does it all. The JoeBlow ACE DX achieves this diversity by using a two-barrel design, allowing you to choose whether you want to use the main barrel, the small second barrel, or both at the same time to fit your needs. When using both together you'll find you're able to push more air with the claim of 30% less effort than standard floor pumps by filling up both air chambers to pump massive amounts of air quickly achieving tire pressures as high as 60 PSI, ideal for mountain bikes and fat bikes with high volume tires. By sectioning the pump to just the main chamber, less air moves with each pump, but your available tire pressure sky rockets to a lofty 120 PSI when you need to get the pressure up. If you need the pressure higher still, you can run the pump only on its small barrel, achieving pressures as high as 260 PSI. Since your bike quiver may also have an array of valve stems, the JoeBlow ACE DX comes ready to run with a SmartHead DX1 chuck that automatically adjusts to fit both Presta and Schrader valves without swapping parts. On the bottom, the pump features a new 4-inch analog pressure gauge, making it easy to achieve accurate pressure, and if you over-inflate your tire it's easy to adjust the pressure with the low-profile air release button.

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