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Much like the alpine cat it's named after, The North Face Women's 5 Degree Synthetic Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag is adeptly suited for the cold, wind-swept environments of snowy summits and frigid northerly locations. Cyclone construction wraps continuous-filament and cut-staple fibers around the bag for thermal efficiency and superior loft. Since it uses synthetic HeatseekerPro instead of down insulation, the Snow Leopard is an excellent choice for camping in moisture-laden climates where down insulation is susceptible to losing its lofting performance. There's a fitted hood for maximum warmth, mated to a draft collar that prevents precious heat from escaping into bone-chilling evening air. Pad loops attach to your sleeping pad, preventing migration during overnight movements. The vaulted footbox offers ample room for stretching out in cozy comfort. As a space-saving bonus, the included compression sack is handy on backpacking trips where minimizing overall bulk is essential.

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