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While hearing the word "homestead" might elicit memories of your fifth grade history unit on the Gold Rush Pioneers of The West, The North Face Homestead Twin Sleeping Bag is above and beyond the hay-stuffed blankets of the early 1800s. Constructed with durable exterior, this twin-sized sleeping bag is designed with a rectangular shape that's akin to your favorite down comforter at home while the full-length zipper enables you to zip together two Homestead Twins for a queen-size bag. Not to mention, the Heatseeker Eco synthetic insulation keeps you warm down to 20F, even when wet--so should your thatched roof leak suddenly, you'll be snug as a bug in a rug. An internal cell-phone pocket is equipped with see-through mesh that enables you to hit snooze before the alarm even destroys your eardrums and a shorter side zipper permits you to fold the bag over for optimal body temperature regulation or a more homey feel.

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