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Even if you're a fair-weather camper who only ventures out in the summer, excursions to the mountains can still get chilly. Bring along the 20 Degree Guide Synthetic Sleeping Bag, and you'll be sure to stay comfortable throughout those cool summer nights. This bag is filled with Heatseeker Guide insulation, which is wrapped into vertical baffles using cyclone construction for more efficient, compressible warmth. These synthetic fibers trap in your body heat and won't lose their insulating properties if the bag gets damp, because The North Face understands that accidents happen. The pad-retaining straps prevent you from rolling off your sleeping pad no matter how squirmy you are when you sleep, keeping you from waking up to a cold shoulder--whether from the ground or your tent-mate. The Guide is one of the more compressible bags in its class, so when you're ready to head out you don't have to worry about fitting it in your car or pack.

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