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Camping takes on many different shapes, be it out of the back of your car in the mountains, in the back of your truck on roadtrips, or on the floor of your mother-in-law's house because her pull-out sofa-bed is worse than being on the rack. Regardless of where you find yourself, The North Face Dolomite Double 20 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag has space enough for two and won't let a little cool air ruin your sweet dreams. This old-school rectangular bag lets you and your sleeping buddy hold tight to each other when things go bump in the night, but also leaves room for you to turn over without forcing your partner to do the same. Heatseeker Eco insulation stands guard against cold air creeping in and uses 30% post-consumer recycled material to warm your eco-oriented conscious. And if the dog puked on your favorite comforter after eating some unidentified object at the dog park, just get the Dolomite Double out of your gear closet, unzip it, and keep your bed cozy until you can go to the laundromat.

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