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Car camping should be a luxurious experience--be sure to pack The North Face's Campforter Sleeping Bag so you can sleep like the king that you are. Hydrophobic down insulates the quilt, while the backside is lined with Heatseeker synthetic insulation for non-compressible comfort on your back. For premium comfort, the bag is designed with a full-length wraparound zipper that lets you zip down either side individually to give you a comforter-like experience if you need to sleep with one leg outside of the blanket. Its large hood lets you comfortably rest your arms above your head as you sleep or will easily hold a pillow in place, while the vaulted foot box is designed to accommodate natural foot positions and promotes thermal efficiency. When it's time to grace your camping partners with your presence in the morning, unzip the top half half of the bag to turn the quilt into a shawl and enjoy the morning wrapped up in your Campforter.

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