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You and your significant other are ready to take your camping comfort to the next level, and The North Face Campforter Double 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag will give you and your partner uninterrupted comfort and sweet dreams. This luxurious double-wide sleeping bag is designed to feel like a comfortable night at home but made with performance material that can easily withstand years in the outdoors. Equipped with a hydrophobic finish, ProDown insulation repels moisture 10 times longer than standard down, enhancing the overall quality and warmth while HeatSeaker Pro synthetic insulation is integrated on the back side of the bag to increase durability without compromising compression. The relaxed cut and wraparound zipper provides a comforter-like effect that allows for sleeping positions that are more natural for a better night's sleep. So, if you're a hot sleeper and prefer to have one leg outside of the comforter, but your partner prefers to be tightly tucked in neither of you will have to compromise your personal comfort. The wraparound zippers allow you to zip open both sides individually for venting or can be fully unzipped to create a quilt. A large fitted hood holds in pillows and gives room for resting your arms over your head while an ergonomic vaulted foot box is designed for natural foot comfort and promotes thermal efficiency compared to laterally designed foot boxes. Take advantage of the sleeping pad's attachable loops and never compromise a solid night's rest again.

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